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What Sets Us Apart?

Research-Based Approach


I believe that an approach to health and wellness should primarily revolve around the most consistent and latest research available including that of the fields of kinesiology, strength and conditioning, & physical therapy. I consider it my responsibility and passion to always take the safest and most effective route in creating training plans that produce optimal results!

Educational & Personalized Training Styles


Throughout my years of experience in bodybuilding, martial arts, and football in addition to my continuing education in exercise science/physical therapy, I've developed a well-rounded, yet ever-increasing understanding of biomechanics, human physiology, strength and conditioning, and therapeutic rehabilitation that I strongly believe I can utilize to help you become a better version of yourself.

Your Confidence & Success is Our Goal


I understand that adopting new lifestyle habits can be difficult and may often fail. My goal is to transform your view on exercise and nutrition and to provide for you a simple path to success that positively influences your life in and out of the gym. 

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word on the street is...


"Since working with Anabolic Physio Personal Training, I have lost over 45 pounds, gained significant strength, learned a lot about how my body works, and I feel better than ever!" 

- John T.

Nashville, TN

"My experience with Anabolic Physio has only been positive! Colton pushes me to always do my best, but he also realizes when I have reached my max. Every session has thought put into it so that it fits my individual needs, and I love that!"

- Ashlynn D.

Nashville, TN

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