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Colton Fincher

In my hometown of McMinnville, TN, I began my fitness journey in 2010 when I began practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It was during that time that I really started to develop a fundamental understanding and practical application of biomechanics, leverage, and kinesthetic awareness through training in and co-instructing of the courses. This would eventually lead to my passion for learning more about the anatomy and physiology of the body as well as how to experimentally manipulate variables in my training that would further me toward my goals.


In 2015, I began my undergraduate education at Trevecca University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. A year later, I became a personal trainer at the university while enrolling in courses that would prepare me for both my CSCS and NSCA-CPT certification exams. Upon completing my undergraduate education in May 2018, I began and am currently enrolled as a graduate student in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Tennessee State University.


In May 2016, I competed at the NPC Hub City Fitness Quest bodybuilding competition in Jackson, TN. I believe that preparing for and competing in this show equipped me with invaluable knowledge and first-hand experience of the determination and perseverance required to achieve the musculature and conditioning necessary for the sport. I currently have my sights set on competing again, potentially in mid-2020.


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